How to Install Window Graphics Dry

1. Tools needed: Soft felt squeegee, sharp knife, tape

2. Make sure to Print and cure your MACtac Bfree Window Films for 24 hours prior to installation

3. Bfree Window films do not require lamination, but will benefit if a longer-term or outdoor application is desired.

4. Clean the window with Isopropyl Alcohol

5. Align the graphic double checking for fit and placement

6. Trim the edges down if necessary. It is a good idea to leave a 1 inch bleed on all sides to be trimmed after install.

7. MACtac Graphics’ Bfree Window Films require NO APPLICATION FLUID, and are designed to be installed dry.

8. Starting at the top, using the hinge method, be sure to get the first couple inches perfectly straight.

9. Using overlapping strokes with you soft felt squeegee, push the air our while removing the liner a few inches at a time.

10. If a wrinkle appears or air is trapped pop the film up quickly to reposition.

11. Be sure to use pressure on the edges before trimming the excess away from the rubber seal.

12. Re-burnish the edges after trimming to ensure a good seal.