Social Media for the Graphics and Signage Industry

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about social media and our industry, and I thought I’d share some insights. For those of you new to planet Earth, the social media craze is the use of Web-based profiles that individuals visit and communicate, promote, or discuss just about anything. They come in several forms, like social media services such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and countless blogs, to name a few. Since the advent of these new forms of communication, the world has embraced the idea of sharing information even more frequently and freely than the Internet ever was. Even though several of these social media outlets were created for personal entertainment, they are now being utilized by corporations everywhere. Many of these are consumer-related entities that simply promote their brand to the masses. More recently, there has been a shift toward customer service and education as a focus in some of the mainstream social media.

For over a year now, MACtac has been involved with several of these outlets, as an extension of our Application Nation program. MACtac® Graphics Products has its very own YouTube channel featuring several videos on proper installation and promoting tradeshow recaps. The Twitter page is abuzz with updates and fun industry bits, and the one I find most useful are the groups on LinkedIn. Several individuals at MACtac are members of the various industry groups within LinkedIn, and since that is a format for professionals, the communication is worthwhile. I have participated in many discussions, and tried to help others with my knowledge, all while making new connections and promoting the industry. While there are many blogs out there, it is hard to find the ones that are non-bias and helpful. Another form of social media that has been around for years is the forum itself, which Signs101 does a great job of utilizing. Sometimes there are some negative and uneducated users out there, but overall it’s great to get almost instant feedback on any particular topic.

The industry has definitely changed over the years, and it pays to maintain your knowledge level, and stay on top of your competition. Social media is not going anywhere soon, so my tip for this month is to check one or all of these outlets for yourself. They are not for everyone, and honestly some can be annoying at times, but there is value in social media to help you grow your business.