Installing Tuning Films

A year ago, MACtac® introduced the MACmark® Tuning Film line of vehicle wrap vinyl. Now, we have expanded the original offering to include more than 50 colors and finishes. Whether using the brushed metal finishes for a partial wrap or the sublime for a full wrap, there are a few details to consider.

The MACmark Tuning Film Sublime is a line of 15 matte and 15 gloss colors intended for full vehicle color change. These films are very conformable and feature a repositionable micro air-egress adhesive. The gloss films can be installed very similarly to a gloss printed wrap, but the matte finishes require the use of a heat gun versus a torch. If overheated, the film will show hot spots or gloss up in those areas. We also recommend using a soft-sleeve or felt squeegee to avoid marring these films. They are very scratch resistant, but a hard squeegee can harm the surface.

Another thing to consider with these films is that the customer will usually want every inch of the vehicle wrapped, which can require removal of parts that you wouldn’t otherwise remove. Make sure to keep these parts organized and in a safe place. If you are not comfortable removing these parts successfully, you should make sure you know someone who can and relay to the customer that areas like door handles and door sills may wear faster than the rest of the wrap.

All of the MACmark Tuning Films come in 60” widths, allowing you to cover almost every vehicle without seams; however, sometimes a seam is unavoidable. When you do overlap a half inch will work well, and if you try to follow the contour of the shape it is usually less noticeable.

All of the Textured Tuning Films require the use of a felt- or soft-edged squeegee as well, and the best method for conforming them is by using a heat gun. Too much heat on these films will result in the loss of texture and appear as gloss spots too. So, be cautious with the heat and work in smaller areas. Relief cut any shapes that are greater than a moderate curve. These textured films are designed for partial wraps on hoods, roofs, spoilers, etc.

Other quick tips are to take your time, have patience and realize that these types of wraps take longer than a printed wrap. The customer is expecting a finish similar to paint; the occasional wrinkle or bubble is not acceptable on a color change wrap, so turn up your attention to detail.