Rolling and Shipping PERMACOLOR Laminated Images

From Mactac's studies and field surveys with numerous customers using PERMACOLOR laminates in roll able graphic applications, leads Mactac to make the following recommendations for rolling and shipping laminated graphics:

2. For single-sided laminated images: roll laminated side out for shipping and storage. An inside roll diameter of 3-5 inches, minimum, is recommended for graphics with less than 10 mil total graphic thickness. For images with a total thickness of 10 mils or greater an inside roll diameter of 10-12 inches, minimum, is recommended.

1. Prior to rolling graphics: allow a 2-4 hour wet-out period for the adhesive system to build to ultimate adhesion. This will significantly improve your success with roll able graphics.


3. For images laminated on both front and back sides: roll images with the thicker laminate to the outside for shipping and storage. For examples: if your image has 5 or 10 mil PermaFlex on the front and a 15 mil PermaFlex side out. All double laminated images should be rolled with an inside diameter of 10-12 inches minimum. Remember that a larger inside diameter is better.

4. Packaging for shipment: to avoid exposing prints to moisture, package them in a sealed plastic bag during shipment. Use a sturdy box to protect the prints from crushing and creasing. Roll the graphics up on a core and suspend them in a box. Graphics that lay on their sides may result in flat spots and mattification in the printed graphic can occur. Avoid exposing the laminated images from extremes in temperature and humidity.

Please keep in mind that this is a recommendation, individual experience should not be discounted. We recognize that different laminators and laminating methods may produce different results. The recommendations above represent our experience as having the "greatest" success in the field. 

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