July 22, 2013

Can you provide some general best practices for graphics applications

Ask the Expert: Can you provide some general best practices for graphics applications?

A: The graphic installation field is heavily influenced by new trends and new products, which is why it is important to seek ongoing...

April 26, 2013

What is the best way to install window graphics?

There are a few different methods suitable for applying pressure-sensitive graphics to windows. The most common and traditional way is the wet method, which is best utilized with a standard removable type of adhesive. a) Moisten...

November 08, 2012

What product do I use to do a wall graphic application?

We have all had questions regarding the application of one graphic or another. Some are more difficult to figure out than others, but none are more popular than wall graphics. Between our technical manager, Jeff Stadelman, and...

April 27, 2012

Why Does Vinyl Shrink?

Ask the Expert: Why Does Vinyl Shrink?

Time and time again there is a question in the industry regarding pressure-sensitive vinyl shrinking either on the liner or after installation. What causes this? Are all vinyls created...

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