Tips and Tricks – Waxing Your Wrap

Recently some printers have reported rust colored splotches on the horizontal surfaces of their wraps in Southern California and Southern Florida. This industry-wide phenomenon has impacted the consistency of the overlaminate finish, regardless of manufacturer. After completing several tests, our Analytical Group determined that this is not a vinyl issue, but rather an environmental issue. We’ve discovered that geographical regions with higher levels of air pollution can insert contaminates in water, like rain, fog or smog. These contaminates can leave acid residues behind which actually attacks the overlaminates, typically on the flat areas of a vehicle resulting in a "red stained" look.

Although nothing can completely eliminate this issue, we recommend using a wrap wax or polish on your wraps to minimize this environmental impact. After testing our graphic products with a number of off-the-shelf protect-ants, we have determined that a good silicon based polish will repel the majority of contaminates seen in these areas. There are a few companies who have a specific ‘vinyl wrap polish’ which is a good option. With so many brands and varieties of polishes out there, be sure to read the label to insure the polish or wax you choose is compatible with vinyl.

The print providers and the installers within the affected areas should recommend polishing the wrap about a week after delivery as part of the normal care for the wrap. Explain to your customers that they will want to do the same every few months, just like taking care of your car normally, to ensure a good looking wrap for years to come. Even though we’ve only seen a few reports of this occurrence in small specific areas, we are trying to educate our installers of ways to maintain the high quality that they expect from MACtac.