Tips and Tricks Graphics on Good Paint

The first step to great graphics is a sound paint job, because applying graphics to bad paint is almost impossible. I have seen many instances where customers are trying to wrap over poor paint jobs, and have little success. I equate it to a fresh canvas; because I dont know any artists who want to start a masterpiece on an old, used canvas. So why would you spend the time and effort installing a wrap on a less than ideal vehicle?

A customer of ours asked for my technical help to wrap a car that they are going to use for promotions at trade shows, open houses, etc. When they sent me a photo of what they would be wrapping, I Immediately stressed the need to have it repainted. The before photo below is of a GT1 Porsche racer which Im sure has seen some track time, hence the need to cover in vinyl. I explained to them that no wrap vinyl would stick to flat paint and Bondo work, and if they wanted a quality wrap, then they should invest in a new paint job.

Since they wanted this Porsche to represent their company they went ahead and had it repainted. The only drawback was that the new paint was almost too nice to cover up, almost. While they are still working on the hood, the partial graphic on the side turned out beautifully, and will no doubt turn heads, at a show and on the track, thanks in part to a great paint job.