Tips and Tricks – Print Room Environment

The key to producing great graphics is starting with a good facility. A print room must be a clean, well ventilated, temperature and humidity controlled room. It should be in an enclosed area away from high traffic, warehouse, etc. This will keep the printer and print heads clear of debris; and also dust and dirt off of the media before and after printing. Gloves are recommended for handling the media as to keep fingerprints and oil from your hands off of the printed surface.

Recommended relative humidity: 40-60%
Recommended temperature: 70-75° F

Another important tip - All rolls of media should be stored in the room for 48 hours to acclimate to the environment.

Having a controlled room also helps control static. Static can really affect ink lay down and attract dust and dirt towards the media and printing area. Do not place carpet or rugs in the printing area that would attract static. Static also thrives in low humidity environments. Static string is a relatively inexpensive way to help control static. You can find it at www.stopstatic.com. Apply the string to a metal piece of the printer (good to loosen a screw and tighten back). Then run across the web width of the media one inch away. Again, apply other end of string to a metal piece of the printer and ground to the floor. Grounding to something away from the printer is important (Even though your printer is ground, but only for the electrical part).

Printer Maintenance
Follow all printer manufacturers’ guidelines for printer maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure correct calibration and increase the life of the printer, print heads and mechanical parts.

Following these guidelines will help ensure your graphics are consistent and reflect the quality finished product that your customers expect.